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HTC unlock - information to unlock your phone.

11.04.2014 22:43

Information about HTC unlock operator

All models of HTC smartphones GSM and GSM + CDMA available for unlock code unlock via IMEI.

Smartphone code IMEI, phone module has GSM, and it can be unlocked by HTC unlock code using our service.

It is possible to get an unlock code to take the castle from your phone through our website 24 hours 7 days a week for only 5 minutes . Our server is fully automatic, so you do not have to wait too long.

Attention! Questions like: "Can my HTC of a particular model to be unlocked?" will be deleted! The answer to these questions, are listed below. Absolutely all models of this brand any OS (Windows and Android) supported.

So you can get your unlock code, you must specify the model number and IMEI.

Find your IMEI number you can, by dialing * # 06 #. You must specify only the first 15 digits of IMEI no gaps or spaces between them.

Buy NCK code for HTC, you can follow these links:

HTC unlock code the old database 2005-2009

HTC code database updated

HTC unlock code Code is not found

Our server supports unlocking all models of HTC phones of all operators.

Below is a list of major popular phones available to unlock HTC:

HD2, T8585 Leo T-Mobile, Desire, Gratia, Legend, T-Mobile G1, G2, Magic, HD7, Radar, 7 Mozart, 7 Windows Mobile phone, Spark (Trophy), Ace, Vision, Aria , Smart, Sensation, sensation S, Sensation 4G, Titan, Amaze, Desire HD, ChaCha, Inspire 4G AT & T, Surround, Incredible S, Sensation XL, Desire S, Incredible 2, HD7 for T-Mobile, WildFire, Dream, Freestyle, One X, One X, One V, Droid Incredible, Rhyme, Explorer, etc.

First, how to order, make sure that there are unused HTC attempts to enter the unlock code. This is a necessary step if your phone asks for code SIM- network and there are attempts to enter it , then you can safely buy a HTC unlock code.

Useful links on HTC unlock:

HTC - instructions on entering NCK code to unlock


Unlock Nokia Lumia Vodafone Spain by IMEI. Full and officiall unlock.

04.04.2014 20:06

Unlock Nokia Lumia from the network Vodafone Spain - expanded list of models

All owners of mobile phones Nokia Lumia 520, 620, 720, 820, 920, and smartphones with a 20-digit IMEI code, locked under the network of mobile operator Vodafone Spain, we inform about their inclusion in the number of supported. Now these devices are available official unlock.

Make an order to unlock, you can get a link –

Unlock Nokia Vodafone Spain

All questions about this service you can ask in a forum for unlocking Nokia Lumia Vodafone Spain.


Official unlock Samsung smartphones by MEI code

03.04.2014 14:18

Regional unlock Samsung smartphones IMEI code is available!

Recently on the network of internet spread the news about the regional block on Samsung smartphones. You need to first turn on your smartphone with sim-card of any of the regional providers.

Owners of Samsung phones with this "feature" to announce the opportunity to make regional unlock Samsung through our service.

You can remotely ordering regional unlock Samsung right now!

You can order the regional unlock Samsung. You need to know the country and operator, under which is locked your phone. Then go to one of the following links:

When ordering, you will need to specify only the IMEI code of your phone.

To correct input unlock code, please, read the instructions for entering unlock code unlock Samsung.

Forum by unlock Samsung.


Full and officiall Unlock Nokia Yoigo/Orange Spain by IMEI.

03.04.2014 10:54

Terms of unlock Nokia Yoigo/Orange Spain has been reduced!

To all owners of mobile phones Nokia, own locked by network operators or Yoigo Spain Orange Spain, we reported a decrease in terms of officially unlock smartphones. Now you can get officially unloced phone from all restrictions for 1-24 hours.

Order to unlock your smartphone, you can follow links:

Unlock Nokia Yoigo Spain

Unlock Nokia Orange Spain

To successfully unlock of Nokia Yoigo/Orange Spain you need only the IMEI number.

Ask all the questions about this service you can at forum of unlock Nokia Yoigo/Orange.


Activation status iPhone AT&T USA at the message your request couldn't be processed

31.03.2014 00:00

Activation status iPhone AT&T USA at the message your request couldn't be processed

If you did unlock iPhone AT&T USA, but cannot activate the new status and receive the message «Your request couldn't be processed», we recommend that you use the service -

Your request couldn't be processed - solution

You can activate a new status in any model of iPhone, unlocked from the operator AT&T USA - 5s, 5c, 5, 4s, 4, 3Gs, 3G.

Before ordering we recommend you to learn the general information – about the procedure of an official unlock Apple iPhone.


Unlock iPhone Canada Bell / Virgin, MTS and SaskTel by IMEI. Full and officiall unlock.

29.03.2014 23:35

Unlock iPhone from operators Bell / Virgin, MTS and SaskTel by IMEI code

If your iPhone is locked under the Canadian network Bell / Virgin, SaskTel or MTS, we propose to make it an official unlock. Make the order of unlock you can follow those links:

Unlock iPhone MTS Canada

Unlock iPhone Bell / Virgin Canada

Unlock iPhone SaskTel Canada

Supports unlock of iPhone from the following models - 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C.

Fuller, more detailed information about the official unlock you can get instructions from unlock iPhone general information - about the procedure of an official unlock Apple IPhone.

For a discussion of services you can use the forums:


Official unlock iPhone Telenor Norway by IMEI

27.03.2014 00:00

Terms and price unlock iPhone Telenor Norway is reduced!

Anyone who have a mobile phone iPhone is locked under network Telenor Norway, reported a decrease of the price and terms on the official unlock.

Order to unlock, you can get of the link –

Unlock iPhone Telenor Norway

Official unlock iPhone Telenor Norway is support for all models and for all IMEI codes (included in the «black list», connected by contract, not found, etc.).

You can read general information about unlock iPhone of following link.

You can discuss service unlock iPhone Telenor Norway at a forum.