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Remotely Nokia network check by IMEI code

10.07.2014 00:00

Checking Nokia Network by IMEI remotely

For complete information about the status of the country and Nokia mobile phone lock operator can reliably get by IMEI by ordering our services -

Checking Nokia Network

When you ordering, specify exactly IMEI smartphone.

Log check (for example):

  • Warranty : NO
  • Care Services :
  • Warranty Class :
  • Product Type : RM-917
  • Sales Model : Nokia Lumia 521
  • Product Code : 059S0B4
  • Start of Warranty :
  • End of Warranty :
  • Ship-to Customer # : 101272S17
  • Ship-to Country : United States
  • Sold-to Customer # : 101272
  • Sold-to Country : United States
  • Factory Simlock : Y
  • CARRIER details : RM-917 VAR ATT BLACK
  • Software Version : 1030.6409.1316.0016
  • Repairs : Repair Date :
  • Primary Fault :

More about unlock Nokia phones you can learn from the General Information unlock Nokia from operator.

Instruction on how to enter NCK unlock code in Nokia, you can read here.

At a forum of unlocking Nokia, you can ask all the questions and discuss the service.


How to get your iPhone / iPad / iPod UDID

30.06.2014 16:15

Instructions where to find UDID identifier iPhone/iPad/iPod

Each Apple device has an unique UDID identifier. It is a combination of a random numbers and letters.

Example of UDID - fbf9673t8688t468t9e3308t6btbtd82ecpc8cbg.

You can see UDID of iPhone that way:

  1. Open iTunes;
  2. Connect iPhone to your computer;
  3. Select the device in the section «Device»;
  4. Press the left button on the serial number, then it will change to your mobile device UDID;
  5. You can copy UDID than.


IMEI and UDID is required to order recover account ID of iCloud. You can order the service by the link -


Apple iCloud ID Find Service


To remove the iCloud password, use the service -


Remove password of iCloud


Before order ALWAYS check iPhone by IMEI.


Register UDID of iPhone, iPod and iPad for iOS 8

10.06.2014 00:00

Registration of identifier UDID of your iPhone, iPod, iPad for install iOS beta 8

If now you want to try all the features of the new operating sistem iOS 8, we suggest to use the service –

Apple UDID registration as Developer for iOS 8

Code UDID - a unique 40-digit ID of any devices Apple.

Instructions where to find UDID identifier iPhone/iPad/iPod.

Please note! Not recommended to install iOS 8 Beta on your gadget Apple to the moment of its registration UDID as the developer.


Service of unlock of ZTE phones in IMEI is available for order.

06.06.2014 12:26

Unlock ZTE any model by IMEI

We are want to you to inform you that the following service is available again on our site -

Unlock ZTE

After a ZTE smartphone unlock from the operator, the device can be used in any country with any carriere.

After purchase, you'll receive an e-mail with the NCK code which has to be entered into phone. Your device will never be locked again. The service is already tested on several devices and it works. Most operators of the world are supported (including AT&T USA).

Models are available for unlock:

  • ZTE Z992

Watch the video how to unlock ZTE Z992 AT&T by IMEI with NCK code:

If you are wholesalersor service center stuff - contact us to get discount.

You can ask all questions and also discuss this service in a special thread at a forum on unlock ZTE.


The Service allows you lock you iCloud ID (Apple ID)

28.05.2014 00:00

Block you iCloud ID iPhone

The new service of our site allows you to lock iCloud ID iPhone by serial number and IMEI number. Order the lock can by the link -

Lock iPhone iCloud ID

When you installing the lock iPhone, after flashing/reboot, it will request the password and ID iCloud.

The order Check iPhone IMEI Blacklist before the order of service is REQUIRED!!!

The phone has NOT to be attached to Apple ID, and also shouldn't be locked under the operator!

If the device is already attached to Apple ID (iCloud ID) or locked by operator - there is no moneyback!

At the order you can specify the Apple (iCloud) ID and the password to a site icloud.com, or you can specify nothing - we will create the new.

Service of blocking of iCloud ID (Apple ID) is already tested and works without failures and delays.


Hacking Apple ID - the cases of remote locking devices

20.05.2014 00:00

Scammers extorting money for the restoration of access to the accounts of Apple ID

A new type of fraud - account lockout Apple ID, followed by extortion funds for the restoration of the user account access.

"Vedomosti" newspaper (Russia) reported a sharp increase in cases of hacking accounts Apple ID, with their lock and subsequent demand for the transfer of funds for the restoration of user access to their accounts.

Today, all victims of scams are users of the service Mail.ru, Apple ID account is registered to the mailbox service. Intruders break into e- mail addresses of users who activate the password recovery procedure, and then, through a service Find My iPhone (iCloud), remotely block Apple device user. To restore access the scammers ask to transfer specified amount of money on a purse. After that they provide the necessary data to unlock the mobile phone/tablet Apple.

Tips for protecting your Apple ID account:

  1. Recommend tethering your Apple ID to an electronic mailbox on Gmail;
  2. Enable two-identification;
  3. To bind the Apple ID to use a separate, specially created for this e-mail account, not the main business or personal.

For restore Apple ID password for the account you can use services

iCloud password removal

To restore the email address to which was pegs Apple ID, use the the service

Apple iCloud ID Find Service - recovery ID iCloud


Unlock iPhone Orange & A1 Mobilkom Austria by IMEI

20.05.2014 00:00

Unlock iPhone from the operators Orange & A1 Mobilkom Austria by IMEI

Owners of smartphones iPhone, own locked by working with only one of the operators A1 Mobilkom Austria and Orange Austria, officially announce you the opportunity to unlock your cell phone. You can activate it with any sim-card, regardless of the operator and the country.

Checkout to unlock, depending on the operator, you can follow this links:

Unlock iPhone A1 Mobilkom Austria

Unlock iPhone Orange Austria

Supports of unlock all models of mobile phones iPhone - 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4.

Get the complete information about official unlock iPhone you can in instructions for unlock iPhone IMEI.

At a forum of unlocking iPhone Orange & A1 Mobilkom Austria ;can discuss services and ask all questions to him.