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DC-Unlocker software was updated to version V1.00.1154

16.12.2014 00:00

DC-Unlocker client software updated to version V1.00.1154

We introduce a new version of DC-Unlocker client software – V1.00.1154.

Credits of Activation and/or Logs you can buy by the link –

Logs and Credits of Activations DC-Unlocker

In the version of DC-Unlocker client software V1.00.1154 added new features and device support:

1. Routers:

2. Mobile phones:

3. Customized routers and modems (unlock without downgrade):

  • Huawei E3272 firmware: 21.436.33.00.284 Airtel India;
  • Huawei E3272 firmware: 21.470.05.02.284 Airtel India;
  • Huawei E5372 firmware: Mobily Saudi Arabia (Unlock manual);
  • Huawei E5372 firmware: Zain Saudi Arabia (Unlock manual);

4. New features:

4.1. Turning off the port (and the inclusion of USB adapter) for routers Novatel;

4.2. Counter reset input incorrect code Hisilicon on not customized modems:

  • Huawei E3272;
  • Huawei E3276;
  • Huawei E5170;
  • Huawei E3372 / MTS 827F;
  • Huawei E3531;
  • Huawei E3533;
  • Huawei E5330 / MTS 424D;
  • Huawei E5336;
  • Huawei E5372 / MegaFon MR100-3 / MTS 823F;
  • Huawei E5373;
  • Huawei E5730;
  • Huawei E5756;
  • Huawei E5776;
  • Huawei E5878;
  • Huawei Vodafone K4203;
  • Huawei Vodafone R215;
  • Megaphone M100-4.

You can find general information on DC-Unlocker by the link – General information on the use of DC-Unlocker.


Unlock Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet 4g (SGP 521) by IMEI

14.12.2014 21:26

Unlock Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet 4g (SGP 521) by IMEI

Unlock mobile phone Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet 4g (SGP 521) locked under network only one operator will allow you to use the phone with any SIM-card, regardless of the country and mobile network.

Unlock Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet 4g (SGP 521) operator you can order at the link –

Unlock Sony / SonyEricsson

Discuss unlocking Sony Xperia on the forum by the following link.


DC-Unlocker - extension of support for 1 or 2 years

03.12.2014 00:00

DC-Unlocker - extension of support for 1 or 2 years and the acquisition of loans

Developers DC-Unlocker dongle support was transferred for a fee, as well as changed conditions DC-Unlocker upgrade to new versions, to access files on the server supporting the use of chat, etc.

Changed conditions of use support dongle DC-Unlocker:

  1. When you purchase a new dongles and / or activated by the user receives a free support for 1 year: DC-Unlocker update to new versions, file access server support, the ability to use chat, etc .;
  2. Free support period of 1 year dongle DC-Unlocker Activations and other analogues (Rocker, Infinity, Vigys, ET, and so forth.) Begins at the time of any transaction after the first DC-Unlocker;
  3. If the dongle DC-Unlocker and / or activation for analogs (Rocker, Infinity, Vigys, ET, and so on.) Acquired in 2011, they finished with free support 01/06/2014;
  4. If the dongle DC-Unlocker and / or activation for analogs (Rocker, Infinity, Vigys, ET, and so on.) Acquired in 2012, they finished with free support 31/10/2014.

Extend support for DC-Unlocker, you can read:

Extension of the DC-Unlocker Support for 1 year

Extension support DC-Unlocker 2 years

Extending support DC-Unlocker, you will get:

  • Ability to obtain all the necessary consultations during the selected period of time;
  • The ability to update DC-Unlocker to the latest version over the relevant period;
  • Access to all files on the server support;
  • Opportunity to ask questions and consult online chat or e-mail;
  • Extended warranty dongle DC-Unlocker with the ability to replace broken on new and existing transfer activations Rocker, Infinity, Vigys, ET, etc.

CAUTION if the previous period, support DC-Unlocker ended more than 2 years ago, it cannot extend its support.

Buy credits DC-Unlocker, you can read:

DC-Unlocker 01 credit

DC-Unlocker 03 credits

DC-Unlocker 05 credits

DC-Unlocker 07 credits

DC-Unlocker 10 credits

DC-Unlocker 14 credits

DC-Unlocker 15 credits

DC-Unlocker 20 credits

DC-Unlocker 25 credits

DC-Unlocker 50 credits


Unlock any cell phone MetroPCS USA by unlock code.

29.11.2014 00:00

Unlock any model of cell phone from the operator MetroPCS USA by IMEI

Full unlock smartphone, blocked for work only with the operator MetroPCS USA, will allow you to use your mobile phone with any sim-card, regardless of the operator and country.

To order the unlock MetroPCS USA please follow the link -

Unlock MetroPCS USA by IMEI

Unlock MetroPCS USA available for all models of smartphones of all brands, including the latest, including:

  • Alcatel One Touch Fierce 2;
  • Alcatel-Evolve;
  • Alcatel OT-Evolve 2;
  • Kyocera Hydro;
  • LG 450;
  • LG Optimus F60;
  • LG Optimus F6;
  • LG Optimus L70;
  • Nokia Lumia ( all models);
  • Samsung Galaxy Mega;
  • Samsung Galaxy Light;
  • Samsung Galaxy S4;
  • Samsung Galaxy S5;
  • Samsung Galaxy Avant;
  • ZTE Aspect;
  • ZTE Concord II;
  • ZTE Zmax, etc.

To order unlock the mobile phone from network MetroPCS USA, you need to specify the cell phone model and IMEI number.

Unlock any mobile phone does once, removing the device's SIM LOCK. You will be able to update and flash your phone without fear of re-locking.

At forum about unlock MetroPCS USA you can discuss the service and to ask questions.

We suggest a unique opportunity to get the code for free

How to get the code for free:

  • Check your model in the list to unlock and to ensure its absence. To get the unlock code MetroPCS USA free only in the absence of your model in this list;
  • Register on the website;
  • To create a topic on the forum;
  • In the subject write: login on this site, IMEI, model, operator/country which was locked;
  • Put on any exchanger (type FotoLink.su) photo display request code and a photo of the back part (under the battery), links to files to be inserted into a subject;
  • After you create a theme, make at least 3 repost in different social networks, links can also be inserted into the subject (close tag, HIDE).

Be sure to check the relevance of this offer before applying.


Samsung Reactivation Lock – protection of personal data

26.11.2014 00:00

Samsung Reactivation Lock – lock your smartphone and data when it is lost or stolen

South Korean manufacturer is actively involved in the fight against theft of mobile phones and communicators to equip their own protection, dubbed Samsung Reactivation Lock. This function allows you not only to restrict access of third parties to the information in the mobile phone memory, but also to establish a lock on re-activate the device. To install the necessary protection of your personal account, which can be create in advance or during the activation Samsung Reactivation Lock.

Instructions for setting up Samsung Reactivation Lock:

Data about the activation of this function is stored in a secure location and the mobile phone’s memory will not be erase when you reset the device to factory settings or restore the factory settings smartphone operating system. For avoid possible excesses recommend that you configure the account until you activate features security Samsung Reactivation Lock.

1. In the menu of smartphone select «Apps» / «Settings».


2. Enter the item «Security».


3. Find the item «Reactivation Lock» and select the appropriate check box on the right.


4. In the proposal to create an account with Samsung press «OK».


5. In the window that appears, select the account creation or data entry already exists.


How to reset Samsung to factory defaults when the active function Reactivation Lock

1. Go to «Settings» / «Backup and Reset» / «Factory Data Reset» / «Reset Device». With active protection Samsung Reactivation Lock, you need to dial the correct password in the appropriate field.


2. Then you will be available item «Delete all».

When you lock your mobile phone Samsung under work in the network only one operator, we recommend using one of the services it unlock. Order to unlock Samsung, depending on the country, you can issue the following links:

Unlock Samsung Asia

Unlock Samsung Canada

Unlock Samsung China

Unlock Samsung Europe

Unlock Samsung USA

Unlock Samsung South America

More information about entering unlock code on Samsung phones and tablets you can read the instructions on entering unlock code unlock Samsung.

On the forum about unlock Samsung, you can ask all the questions.


Unblinding Apple ID for iCloud Lost and Erased iPhone

25.11.2014 00:00

Delete the binding Apple ID iCloud Lost and Erased iPhone

To resolve difficulties activation Lost and/or Erased iPhone expressed in the query iCloud and Apple ID account password, we recommend you to use the service

Remove Apple ID for iCloud Erased and Lost iPhone

Remove the binding account Apple ID iCloud to iPhone is available for any model of apple phones, including the latest iPhone 6+ and iPhone 6.

Before you place an order for service, be SURE to:

  1. Order check iPhone IMEI;
  2. Take a screenshot of the query Apple iCloud ID and password on your iPhone, download the resulting image on any file-sharing resource on the Internet, and specify the link to your screenshot. An example image can be seen below.



Unlock Samsung Alpha, Note 4, S5 Plus via a USB cable

25.11.2014 00:00

Service of unlock Samsung Alpha, Note 4 and S5 Plus (G901F) via a USB cable

Unlock mobile phone Samsung Alpha (SM-G850F), Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus (G901F), locked under one operator is available via USB-cable. Unlocking enables the use of the device with a SIM-card of any operator, regardless of the country.

Instructions for unlocking Samsung Alpha, Note 4 and S5 Plus (G901F) via cable USB:

  1. Connect your Samsung phone to your PC via UART microUSB cable;
  2. Wait for the connection and the appearance of the button «UNLOCK»;
  3. In the box that appears after clicking on it, enter the unlock code obtained unlock Samsung;
  4. Confirm the entry and then unlock is complete. Phone/tablet can be used with any sim-card of any operator.

Unlock phones Samsung Alpha (SM-G850F), Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus (G901F) is done once, completely removing the devices with SIM LOCK, after which they can be used with any SIM-card of any operator, as well as update and sew - they do not locked back.

Order to unlock the unlock code Samsung Alpha, Note 4 and S5 Plus (G901F) via a microUSB cable can be arranged on the link -

Unlock Samsung Alpha/Note 4/G901F

The warranty on your Samsung phone is preserved.