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About IMEI-Unlock.com
Wednesday, 06 April 2011 12:35

The main focus of our company aims at selling and servicing of mobile phones.

Occasionally there are some unpleasant moments when you accidentally forgot the lock code of your favorite phone or your phone is locked by the operator. Or imagine a situation that you have given your mobile phone to a child (well, creepy he wanted to play with him), and returned it to you is blocked (of course the phone, not the child). What to do in this case? The answer is simple - ask us!

To resort to our help you can in the service center and we are on site understand with your problem. The second option - this is our site. It is made specially for those people who can not use their phone number (for example, your phone is locked by the operator of a foreign company) and the Service Center to go lazy. In this case, all you need to unlock it you'll find on our site.

You have a completely logical question may arise - and what kind of cases are "locked phone operator. I'll tell you in detail.

Consider a situation that you bought (or given to you) phone abroad. Mobile phone very good, versatile, but cheap. Usually this happens with locked phones. Operators are selling them at such prices as in these phones is not possible to insert the SIM card of another mobile operator. You come home, puts his native Simka and pales of the inscription that the phone can not work with another SIM card. Imagine my state! The first question - what to do? Throw away the phone sorry. Sell? And who needs it blocked? Etc. etc. And do you only need one - to resort to our help!

There are two variants of our cooperation:

-Contact the SC, where professionals and Russified unlock your handset. (For example www.cellophone.com.ua)
-Use the services of our site and buy the unlock code from the database.

This unlock code will help you unlock your phone every second. Unlock code is unique and is strictly tied to the IMEI the phone, so his selection is absolutely useless.
Our team of professionals will make unlock your phone in a very short time! Either generate unlock yourself by purchasing unlock code on our site. Please - do not regret it!