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Sunday, 28 May 2006 18:57

Our Service Center is on the market for 6 years. This is a very respectable time for a company that sells and service of mobile phones. We started when the smartphone is a great luxury, and HTC for the Android platform probably existed only in dreams. Besides mobile phones, we are also engaged and digital appliances. Our Service Center provides services for warranty and post-repair techniques.

This site has become like a branch (but at the same time and continuing) of our activities in the market. The site is dedicated to unlocking mobile phones and 3g modems and provides services to implement them.

We have a noob on sale codes, credit logs. We are thoroughly aware of the program for firmware GSM devices (telephones, modems, etc.). We have a vast experience in the repair of digital technology. It's all our element!

Also for our customers, who are professionally engaged in repair and flashing mobile phones, we have created specialized resource - www.imei-server.ru. There you can find many interesting, designed for engineers to repair mobile.

In addition to the above, we have a set of service centers in various cities of the CIS.This will allow you to unlock or flash your favorite phone in the city.

Our site is user friendly and intuitive interface that allows you to easily make a purchase unlock codes and unlock your mobile phone from their computer.

Our experience, our market position and many other details are our good reputation and you - a solid guarantee for the quality of services.

Also we have the following guarantees:

- Certificate of Vendor in WebMoney

- We are a registered Plati.ru as a seller since January 2008, we have regular sales and reviews.

- We are authorized dealers on the GSM market the following products: SeTool Box, Omnius, Cruiser supreme, Dc-Unlocker, Xorox, TestBox

We accept only VISA card\Master card, VISA to VISA, Western Union


Paypal, Liqpay and other. You can contact us, if you whant pay other methods