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DC-Unlocker software was updated to version V1.00.1154
Tuesday, 16 December 2014 00:00

DC-Unlocker client software updated to version V1.00.1154

We introduce a new version of DC-Unlocker client software – V1.00.1154.

Credits of Activation and/or Logs you can buy by the link –

Logs and Credits of Activations DC-Unlocker

In the version of DC-Unlocker client software V1.00.1154 added new features and device support:

1. Routers:

2. Mobile phones:

3. Customized routers and modems (unlock without downgrade):

  • Huawei E3272 firmware: 21.436.33.00.284 Airtel India;
  • Huawei E3272 firmware: 21.470.05.02.284 Airtel India;
  • Huawei E5372 firmware: Mobily Saudi Arabia (Unlock manual);
  • Huawei E5372 firmware: Zain Saudi Arabia (Unlock manual);

4. New features:

4.1. Turning off the port (and the inclusion of USB adapter) for routers Novatel;

4.2. Counter reset input incorrect code Hisilicon on not customized modems:

  • Huawei E3272;
  • Huawei E3276;
  • Huawei E5170;
  • Huawei E3372 / MTS 827F;
  • Huawei E3531;
  • Huawei E3533;
  • Huawei E5330 / MTS 424D;
  • Huawei E5336;
  • Huawei E5372 / MegaFon MR100-3 / MTS 823F;
  • Huawei E5373;
  • Huawei E5730;
  • Huawei E5756;
  • Huawei E5776;
  • Huawei E5878;
  • Huawei Vodafone K4203;
  • Huawei Vodafone R215;
  • Megaphone M100-4.

You can find general information on DC-Unlocker by the link – General information on the use of DC-Unlocker.

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