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Huawei - General information on unlocking from operator
Tuesday, 07 April 2009 00:00

General information on unlocking phones/modems/tablets Huawei from network operator

Unlock the phone/modem/tablet Huawei, locked by working with only one operator allows you to use the device in any country on any network.

Before placing your order to unlock Huawei sure to check availability attempts to enter unlock code.


You can order the unlock Huawei by the link -

Huawei unlock code

If all attempts to enter NCK code on the device used up, order unlock Huawei by the link -

Huawei unlock code (SimLock Unlock Reset Key)

Should you get the answer base "code does not find" order unlock Huawei by the link -

Unlock Huawei "code not found" (Unlock and reset code entry attempts)

Instructions on how to unlock your phone or modem Huawei:

  1. Register on the site;
  2. Fill up balance convenient way;
  3. Order unlock code Huawei, pointing device IMEI and model;
  4. Huawei unlock codes you get in the mail (4 code in case of unlocking the phone Huawei and 1 in the case of code can unlock Huawei);
  5. Huawei modem unlock code input to the shell program modem;
  6. Huawei phone unlocking codes to enter the request queue PIN-code unlock network when a device with a SIM card.

To access the menu model unlock Huawei ETS3125i need to activate the device without a SIM card, dial sequence # # # 1111 # and enter in the "Unlock" button.

Thereafter, requests to enter the NCK received from us unlock code Huawei.

AT commands to unlock Huawei modems

At a forum on Huawei unlock you can ask all the questions.

We offer free unlock Huawei

For the ability to lock one free phone / modem / tablet from Huawei network operator you should:

  1. Ensure there are no models in the list of available for unlock. WARNING! Search through model please search the entire page. If you apply for a model that is in the list, it will be banned;
  2. Create a topic on the forum. It specify: your login site, IMEI device, its model and type (modem, tablet or phone), country/operator, under which disabled the device to describe in detail the device asks for unlock (as requested);
  3. Take a snapshot of the screen and back of the device under the battery or screen where the device asks code with another SIM card. The photographs are not on the photo sharing example FotoLink.su, and paste link into your message. Also indicate that you are applying to receive one free code under the terms of the site;
  4. After creating the subject it will social networking buttons (Facebook, Google+, VK, Twitter, Yandex, LiveJournal). You need to choose at least 3 repost (links in their social sphere necessarily indicate in its report covering their tag HIDE);
  5. After that, write a letter to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with reference to the theme of the forum.

Huawei Hard reset, reset phones Huawei

Unlock ZTE MF622
Tuesday, 04 November 2008 03:00

Unlock of ZTE MF622+ modems gets done remotely via Internet by means of the special software


Our services provide unlock modems ZTE MF622+ from the Ukranian operator Kyivstar (unlock ZTE MF100) and from any other operators under which the modems are locked  (list of available modems for the unlock is mentioned below).

(Don't confuse lock with the customized flash under one operator, those modems are not locked under the operator!)

The time necessary for the unlock ZTE MF622+ is 30 minutes after the payment receipt.

Discounts are for the permanent and wholesale clients.

Unlock iPhone – about the procedure of an official unlock of the Apple communicators.
Thursday, 25 September 2008 18:47

General information – about the procedure of an official unlock Apple iPhone

The unlock iPhone procedure is necessary for free use of Apple iPhone communicators blocked under the particular cellular network.

Our resource provides you with an opportunity to unlock your iPhone from a wide range of operators. In the following page you can find a complete list of countries and mobile operators, which are eligible for unlock:


List of operators for unlock iPhone


In order for the unlock procedure of a particular Apple communicator to effectively take place and successfully finish completely unlocking iPhone, you have to clearly and properly identify the model of the device itself, its IMEI-ID and country, as well as the  operator hard-wired into it.

The following services will help you to receive/verify required information about iPhone:

Our web-resource allows you to get the NEVERLOCK status for your iPhone. Having unlocked your iPhone, you can freely reflash your device and use it with any sim card in any GSM network of the world. The unlock feature of the phone will work forever, meaning that the status of an official unlock will be permanently active.

You have to order unlock iPhone process only once. Apple 5, 4S, 4, 3Gs and 3 communicators can be fully unlocked by unlock iPhone. 


Briefly about the milestones of the full unlock iPhone

  1. You place an order regardless of whether you have a native sim card for your gadget or not;
  2. To the provided e-mail address, you will receive a notification that the device is unlocked. Attention! No information about this change will not be displayed on the mobile phone itself;
  3. Connect your iPhone with any sim card to iTunes service for about 4-7 minutes and activate the process for updating its firmware to the latest version. PLEASE, NOTE! After the notification about the unlock is received, ONLY clear and official firmware must be installed on the gadget. All jailbreaks and similar soft-wares must be completely removed; otherwise, the information about unlock will not be entered into the appropriate section of the smart-phone memory;
  4. As a result, your iPhone gets activated by your sim-card; you plug it off from computer and enjoy the work of your free iPhone.

If you have a question about whether you will be refunded in case of unsuccessful unlock iPhone, we are rushing to give you an answer – you will be able to apply for a refund (a withdrawal from the system) pursuant to established rules of the web-site or you will be able to spend your funds on any other available service if all of the conditions described on this page and on the page devoted to a particular service, were met while ordering the unlock iPhone.

If you have any problems with your apple device, you can unlock your iPhone at our partner service centre "Cellophone" in Kiev.

You can always contact our service experts to clarify any questions you have. You can also get the necessary warranties and recommendations from the clients.

Unlock Samsung from the operator
Saturday, 15 March 2008 23:23

Unlock Samsung is available for all models from any operator (Unlock, SIM-Lock, Invalid SIM, Unlock Samsung) by IMEI


Unlock by code through the IMEI of Samsung phones! We have an access to all countries and all operators to unlock all phone models. Contact us to purchase the service:

Unlock SonyEricsson from the operator
Sunday, 24 February 2008 23:23

Unlock SonyEricsson is available for all models from any operator (Unlock, SIM-Lock, Invalid SIM, Unlock SonyEricsson) by IMEI


Unlock code by IMEI + S\N SonyEricsson phones! All countries and all operators are available for unlock SonyEricsson phones  Contact us to purchase the unlock codes: 


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