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Unlock Alcatel
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Unlock Alcatel

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Unlock ALcatel service - official unlock from the operator

Alcatel smartphones have the capability to be fully and officially unlocked from the operator, providing its services in any country of the world.

In order to place an order for the official unlock Alcatel service, you have to specify the following characterics in the appropriate fields:

  • model of the unlocked device;
  • IMEI identifier of the device;
  • ID of the cellular operator, under which it is locked.

If you have the information about the name of the operator, under which the phone is locked, and you also know the country, where it provides its services, then it is recommended to specify this information as well.

We strongly recommend that you check and make sure that there are still some attempts to enter the NCK code are left before ordering the unlock Alcatel service.

Be especially careful while filling in the fields for IMEi code and Provider ID. Success of the unlock Alcatel directly depends on the validity of the entered information.

Before unlock Alcatel it is important to know

ID of the cellular provider, under which the ALcatel is locked, you can find out under the batter of the phone. We recommend to find the IMEI code from the memory of the device. You can bring this information by dialing *#06#.

Alcatel One Touch 4030D smartphone has 2 slots for sim cards, and accordingly two IMEI codes. You can order the unlock of any of them, or both of them at once.

Free unlock Alcatel. We are offering you to take advantage of the offer for the free unlock Alcatel phone. You need to do the following for this:

  1. To check whether the device is not mentioned in the below mentioned list of those devices, which are available for the unlock;
  2. To register on our website;
  3. Go to forum and create the topic;
  4. Specify your registration login in this topic, your device type (3G or 4G modem, tablet or mobile phone), IMEI device code, its model, the country and the operator, under which it is locked;
  5. Take 2 photos of the gadget (front and back parts, without the accumulator);
  6. Upload the taken pictures on the photo sharing website and specify the links to them on the message in the forum;
  7. Send an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and include the link to the topic of the forum in this e-mail.

A list of unlock available models:

OT-918, OT-808, OT-606, Elle N1, EL03, OT-708, F117, F153, OT322, OT358, OT358G, OT605, OT 995, OT 4030D.

You can discuss the unlock Alcatel procedure on the special topic of our forum - unlock Alcatel.

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