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Unlock ZTE
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Unlock ZTE

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Official unlock phones, modems and tablets ZTE. You can order unlock the device from the network of any operator in the world. Unlock ZTE is the official code NCK.

To order unlock ZTE should be properly specified IMEI of your phone, modem or tablet and model. You will get unlock code on your e-mail.

Free unlock a ZTE

To order a free unlock ZTE (if possible unlock!) you should:

  1. make sure that the device is not in the list below ;
  2. register on our site;
  3. go to forum by unlock ZTE and create a theme. In the theme necessarily indicate: registration login; IMEI of your phone/modem/tablet; model , type, and country/operator is locked;
  4. take a screen shot at the time when the activation code request with another SIM-card and the back of the photo (under the battery);
  5. download both images on any service, for example on;
  6. links to images inserted into the message and make 3 repost any social networks (Vkontakte, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google +, etc.).

Unlock ZTE of the following models:

ZTE E200 Vibe T-Mobille, X761, V9 Tablet, X760, R221, T202, G-n281, Sage, g-r231, GX760; E110 ZEST, X960, Vairy Touch T-Mobile, X991, GX761, RIO, GR230, ZTE A100 Beeline, Libra, Blade, CP09 Megafon, Orange SanFransisco, Raise, Raiser, 003Z SoftBank, V170 AUSTRIA, MTS916 , X850 Racer, Smart Touch T3020 Telstra, V9, E400 Beeline, M2 Beeline, Light Pro, S516, R235, S213, S511, R235, S213, S511, ZTE KIS (V788D), ZTE R3100 (T-Mobile Beat, Orange Hollywood), Concord T-mobile, Z992

You can unlock this list of models ZTE by using DC-Unlocker 7 logs:

MF100, MF170, MF180 Velcom, MF180s, MF190s, MF622, AC30 MTS Connect, MF30 MTS/Beeline

115 SFR; 114, 231 SFR, 241, 232 SFR, 261, 251 SFR, 341, 343, 342 SFR

TMN Orange Miami, Orange Vegas, 541 Vodafone, 5000, 547 Vodafone, Vodafone Indie

List of operators to unlock ZTE:

Megafon Russian, MTS Ukraine, Beeline Russia, Kyivstar Ukraine, Velcom Belarus, Life Ukraine, MTS Russia , MTS Belarus, Orange UK, 3 UK, Movistar Spain, SFR France, Vodafone Spain, etc.


Currently unlock ZTE V9 + is not supported!

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