Check IMEI

To find your phone’s IMEI number  follow our steps below, which is free and simple to do.

How to get your phone's IMEI number

Every phone has an IMEI number, which acts as a unique identifier for your exact device. This means that no two devices share the same IMEI number. Information that can be retrieved by your IMEI number is very useful as it can track a lost or stolen phone, as well as allowing third party services to unlock your device to use on any carrier.


Dial *#06#

From the device you wish to retrieve your IMEI from, just dial *#06# like you would to call someone.

IMEI is Displayed

Once you have dialed the number, your phone’s IMEI number will appear on your screen.

Keep your IMEI safe!

Either screenshot or write down your 15-digit IMEI number and keep this in a safe place.

IMEI's Significance

Device Identification:

Each IMEI is exclusive to a specific device, acting as a digital serial number. This identification is essential for tracking and managing mobile devices on a global scale.

Anti-Theft Measures:

IMEI is a critical tool in combating mobile device theft. When a device is reported as stolen and its IMEI is blacklisted, it becomes challenging for thieves to use or sell the device, enhancing security for device owners.

Warranty Tracking:

Manufacturers use the IMEI to track the warranty status of a device. By checking the IMEI, users can determine if their device is still under warranty, helping them access repairs or replacements if needed.

Carrier Compatibility:

IMEI is vital for assessing a device’s compatibility with different mobile networks. It provides information about the device’s origin, model, and compatibility with specific carriers.

Using IMEI Check Services:

IMEI check services, like ours, empower users to delve deeper into their device’s history. By entering your IMEI, you can verify the authenticity, warranty status, and unlocking potential, gaining valuable insights for informed decision-making.